Fate Of Alakada: The Party Planner Movie Review

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Fate Of Alakada: The Party Planner Movie Review


In theaters: April 3, 2020
On DVD or streaming: March 5, 2021
Cast: Toyin Abraham, Broda Shaggi, Swanky Jerry, Funke Bucknor
Director: Kayode Kasum
Studio: Netflix
Genre: Comedy
Run time: 110 minutes
MPAA rating: NR
Last updated: March 15, 2021

Fate Of Alakada: The Party Planner centers around well-known Nigerian actor, director and producer Toyin Abraham who fakes her way through any situation, she claims to be a social media influencer and also poses as an event planner. With her lies and actions assisted by Kasali (Broda Shaggi) they are both tasked with throwing an extravagant, star-studded bash. The journey begins as we await what they eventually come up with.

Firstly it is a very hilarious movie where the characterization was perfect. Each character did not have to form or try to play their assigned roles, it was a seamless flow. Especially between Yetunde and Kasali, their acting was perfect. The line was delivered with ease, we definitely can’t fault them, and the entire cast.
Yes the movie was power-packed with so many superstars and there is this common fault present in movies with so many known faces, they always tend to be over-flogged in terms of the acting and there is usually this boringness attached to it.

But, yes I said a but, Fate of Alakada: The Party Planner was able to prevent that from happening. I mean they didn’t cross that line. Our screen was graced with our favorite celebs all on one set and we couldn’t get enough.

One major theme that has and needs to be applauded in this movie is the theme and intended message of the entire movie. This movie is filled with so many relatable messages that no matter who you are or what you are going through, you will definitely learn if not one but more than two lessons from this movie.

The highpoint of this movie is the fact that yes it had so many stars, I must emphasize but it didn’t fail to still maintain and pass across its desired message. That gets all five stars. Very few movies are able to achieve this.

With respect to the costumes and all, because the Fate of Alakada sequel is based on an everyday society and activities, everything was should I say perfect. Each scene’s costume was in alignment with the message of that particular scene. Especially the costume of Yetunde and Kasili, in fact, all the costumes.

But there will always be a but, one can never be too fine, (lol). The fact that Funke Bucknor came in and saved the day seems so surreal. Like does that actually happen in real life. After she lies and spends all the money, then a savior comes in, it just tints the story a little. I think they were trying to create a happy ever after for the movie. In fact, I bet, if it was a Yoruba movie, Karma will surely take its cause.

Yes, she got her cup of coffee for telling lies but they weren’t able to establish that saying of ‘you reap what you sow’, ‘what goes around comes around’. And this just kind of wakes us up from that world of plausibility that they created for us because in real life, come on, just come on.
But we surely got compensated by the musicality of the entire movie, we got to hear our favorite Jamz and definitely grooved to it.

Another notable low point of this movie is, some scenes were just unnecessary. The scene of the tall man, some of the scenes where Yetunde and Kasili were spending the money given to them by Swanky Jerry. Those can be removed and the message of the movie will be passed across.

From one scene to another we were blown away, and we say well-done to the cinematography of this movie. Everything was delivered perfectly. One thing not to miss in the movie aside the message is the fact that most of the characters played their real selves. Like bearing their real names and this helped with relatability and actually makes them stand out because most movie will have changed their names.

Final Thoughts

Fate of Alakada: The Party Planner is that movie that will always stand out and stand the test of time. Because they have been able to pass across a bunch of messages that we really need in our society today. Especially the youth and the current trend of making money, having all the flashy things in life. As long as youths can never stop trending, so will this movie maintain its relevance, and stand the test of time.

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