Live On Season 1 Episode 2 (Korean Drama)

Live On Season 1 Episode 2 (Korean Drama)

May 13, 2021 65 Views

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Baek Ho-Rang is a high school student. Due to her pretty appearance, she is popular on social media and at her school. Yet, Baek Ho-Rang only has one friend, due to her condescending personality. Baek Ho-Rang encounters a problem. She learns that someone is trying to unveil her secret. To find that anonymous person, Baek Ho-Rang joins her high school’s broadcasting club. Go Eun-Taek is the chief of the broadcasting club. He is a perfectionist and respected by the club members.

Live On // Laibeu On
Genre: Drama, Romance
Stars: Da-bin Jung, Min-Hyun Hwang, Byungchan
Premiere: Nov 17, 2020
Subtitle: English




Korean Drama
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