Review: Your Excellency Nollywood Movie

Review: Your Excellency Nollywood Movie

May 21, 2021 78 Views

The movie is based on a bumbling billionaire who is a businessman, A failed Presidential candidate Chief Olalekan Ajadi (Akin Lewis) who is very much obsessed with US President (Donald Trump). Just when his political campaign looks on the verge of another flop disaster, Ajadi was anointed by a majority party and becomes a tough credible contender with the assistance of powerful social media.
Your Excellency Review

The movie started out with the Ajadis that was played by Funke Akindele-Bello as Kemi Ajadi and Akin Lewis as Lekan Ajadi they were the know how to have fun and with the comedic duo, the movie sets Mr Ajadi off as a wealthy politician obsessed with Donald Trump. He is contesting in the presidential elections for the third time and absolutely adores Kemi, who was his second wife. The love story between the Ajadis that stayed true as we keep seeing the couple jolifying and acting sweet preparing to begin all of their days.

Like Trump, who hasn’t learned the rudiments of decorum and composure fit for a presidential candidate plus his love for the bird app (Twitter). But, Ajadi is unlike Trump in some numbers of ways as his wife, Mrs Ajadi always points out. He doesn’t disrespect women, has a good head for alcohol and has the respect and love of his wife all this attributes most likely makes a candidate unfit for the job (especially in naija. A typical too good to be true) but he was placed side by side with a young and vibrant contender named Michael Idehen. Ultimately, Ajadi beats the odds by dancing his way into the hearts of voters. The typical Zero to Hero Nigerian dream!

Also is the imitation of the former Governor of Imo State Rochas Okorocha who established a Ministry of Happiness and Purpose. There is a direct reference to this during the presidential debate in the movie. Mr Ajadi makes known his plan to establish a Ministry of Happiness as part of his administration’s agenda. Like Okorocha, Ajadi aims to solve some of the problems saddling the country by first alleviating unhappiness.However with subtle jabs and shades, the movie shakes several tables and had it broken. Some of it were the too familiar political scene in Nigeria with Ademola Adeleke being the limelight as he was nicknamed the “Dancing Senator” because of his dancing skills and this is reflected in the movie. The characterplay was played well by Mr Ajadi who became loved by the electorate because of his famed “Ajadi Dance”. His dance moves at political rallies and campaigns endear him to many just like Senator Adeleke, who almost become the governor of Osun State. The buzz around the Ajadi dance goes on to spark a dance challenge on social media and is an integral part of his campaign and identity.

Just as in the real life fake rises on a daily bases on social media and more often than not, a blogger is always behind it. The movie tackles the issue of fake news and how it spreads quickly on social media. On a number of occasions, Michael Idehen, who linked up to women was said publicly to be dating all with stories emanating from misleading photos. The focus of the people moves from his political ambition to his love life which adequately portrays how social media users focus on skew issues and topics in ways that do not reflect realities.

Also was light shed on the phrase “fake it till you make it” act mostly engaged in by Slay Queens, the movie casts it’s light on social media slay queens who have fabulous and enviable lifestyles on the gram than that of reality, where they are struggling to make ends meet. Toni Tones played the character of a famous blogger/celebrity who is living a fake life. First, we see her bribe an airport official to take photos in a stationary private to give off the misleading impression she was travelling in the jet. Another time, we see her taking soaked garri right before she turns on her camera for a vlog post only to say on camera that she just finished eating salad. What about the time her regular supplier of second-hand clothes visited her with bags of used clothes?

In Conclusion, the movie Your Excellency lacks storyline and some soul to go with it as they keeps introducing fresh characters to build on but they were quite irrelevant to the progression of the story. But it quite worth a watch!!!!

DIRECTED BY: Funke Akindele
WRITTEN BY: Yinka Ogun
RELEASED DATE: 13 December 2019
DURATION: 120 minutes

Akin Lewis as Chief Olalekan Ajadi
Funke Akindele as Chief Olalekan Ajadi’s wife
Lala Akindoju
Shaffy Belo
Kunle Coker
Eku Edewor
Alex Ekubo as Kachi
Osas Ighodaro as Candy

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