SHORT MEMORY (Episode 301) Mark Angel Comedy

April 9, 2021 1226099 Views

SHORT MEMORY (Episode 301) Mark Angel Comedy

Watch as Aunty Success puts Uncle Kbrown in big trouble yet again as she makes him lose a girl who had promised him a job in her father’s company if they went into a relationship.

Krown and Baze 10 helped Aunty Success with her homework, but it turns out that they both could not solve the math problem they claimed was simple and as a result, the teacher scored Aunty Success Zero.

Aunty Success unhappy about this decision to pay Kbrown back the easy way, and made a call that would later destroy Kbrown’s one change to finally making it big in life. Watch to find out what she said on the said one call and when you find out, be sure to leave a comment/like and share this video with your family and friends.


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